it’s time for KARNIVAAAAAAL!

Every time I hear the word carnival I think of it being said in the toucan’s voice from Rio… “kar-nie-vaal” and I the image that springs to mind is of couples and kisses, holding hands and sharing candy floss.

Well we (@tash_wen, her sprog, myself and fish) went to the community chest carnival at maynardville and it was gorgeous, pretty much as you would imagine a carnival – candy stalls, corn in a cup (and on the cob), hotdogs but strangely enough no toffee apples, tree bark covered grounds and colourful strings of lights in the trees. I have to laugh as the “couples” image was carried out by fish and A and it was too cute, tash and I had a few brilliant laughs.

It was fish’s first carnival as well as the first I’ve attended since Germany. It was great, though you really do get that “lonely” feeling when you’re around all those couples having fun. I’m just glad the kids had a blast!


One thought on “it’s time for KARNIVAAAAAAL!

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