BabyDam – Review

Somewhere out there is one SERIOUSLY clever mom/dad/man/woman because this nifty little thing I was given to do a review on is absolutely amazing!

Introducing the BabyDam… this little gizmo might look like nothing to write about BUT that’s where you are wrong, it’s every mom’s dream and for those of you who are trying to go green this is a nice little step in that direction as well.

You place it in the middle of the bath (or where-ever) and then fill up the one side – making a dam! So instead of having to fill up the entire bath come bath-time you only have to fill up half of it… my water bill is already liking the sound of this ; )

If you had twins or kids who argue about who’s part of the bath is who’s like I know my sister and I used to this would work great to section it off that way they each get their own deep side. And if you have an older toddler like my little mister they’ll probably also have a ball of a time trying to transfer all the water from the one side to the other!

If you would like to purchase one contact the South African rep Tracy at / 082 570 8287 – as far as I am aware they sell for R350.00 though I am not certain if that includes postage.


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