ginger love…

I’ve been saying for a while now that I really want a ginger kitty and I’ll name it Azreal (I am aware that I watch smurfs too often, blame the fishness) and I actually started searching on Gumtree for one seeing as that Milo isn’t doing so well, but then again at 19 years of age I’m not surprised. Fish has grown pretty attached to the raggedy little Burmese and I’m worried that when she goes it’ll be harder on him that me.

So begins the hunting mission for a cat.

A ginger one to be specific.

Do you realize how difficult ginger cats are to come by? And here I thought they were a dime a dozen… clearly I thought wrongly. I eventually found one all the way out in wellington and was planning on making it a day trip with fish on Sunday…

Well, please welcome Mau (it means cat in Egyptian, I wanted to go with bast but I think Mau might be a boy haha) who was roaming the parking lot of builders warehouse with his/her brother/sister. This is the sweetest little thing I’ve come across since finding JoonBug. It’s calm, sits on my shoulder while I drive and sleeps curled up next to us in the bed. He/she hardly mews at all and is just too precious for words.

And the cherry on the cupcake – Mau is a ginger!

Well mostly a ginger, minus the little white socks on all four paws and a tiny white bib. Excuse the BB photos… I’ll try take some better quality ones and post them up soon as I have a chance.



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