where am i

I’ve hit this real downward spiral and am not sure why, maybe my meds need to be upped again, not sure. I just feel so… unaccomplished.

I know that I have done SO MUCH with my life already but then when I look around and I have these “friends” who are a constant reminder of what I don’t have then it’s hard. I feel like no matter what I do and try I stay in this same hole.

I must have been a really horrible person in my past life that I am being given such challenges in this one.


2 thoughts on “where am i

  1. You are not horrible and I know how you feel, you work hard, you are a good parent, you do so much more than most people, but at the end of each day you feel like you have done or achieved nothing. Believe me I know the feeling all to well.

  2. Hey, I’ve been there. And will be there again, but there is always those moments of perfect joy that you will think, “hey,I am doing a great job”. Those are the ones that one should dwell on. And by the way, you are doing a great job!

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