bubbles bubbles MY bubbles

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word TODDLER? Let me guess… tantrums, demanding, screaming, headaches, hidings and time outs? I think you would generally have hit the nail on the head when I look at what some of my friends deal with on a day to day basis. I am thankful to say that’s not the fishness; he’s calm, playful and an independent little boy who is polite and though he has his moments he’s an amazing little being.

Yeah well, I think the faeries snuck into my house and switched my little boy for some evil little changeling. You know those parents you feel sorry for when you go somewhere and their child is having a melt-down tantrum – that was me today, I was that parent.  And all because I told him to go to the loo and he decided he didn’t like the loo at the play-place.

I have never heard my child scream like that before, I’ve never had him hit me and yell at me. I had a mum come up to me (I was pretty much in tears) and say not to worry all kids go through it – NOT MY CHILD! My child is not this little monster.

As mum says: if he wasn’t this headstrong little person we’d never know who’s child he truly is (seeing as he is a splitting image of biodad) and I guess she’s right. I can be lucky that he’s not like this day to day and that he’s been so slow to catch onto the “terrible two’s”. And if I have to sit and think about it he’s acting the way an adult responds when a child doesn’t listen; so at the end of the day he’s not actually in the wrong. He’s just being a little adult and because he’s a child we assume that he’s being cheeky and out of line.

No wonder we all grow up so bloody dysfunctional; do what I say and not what I do isn’t a great way to raise your child and I think that I am going to make a conscious effort to change the way I react to him when he doesn’t listen or respond.

Fish and Joonbug’s favorite past time… blowing (and eating) bubbles. In the two years that Joonbug has been with us I’ve not once regretted adopting her. She’s fit into this family like a designer dress on a mannequin and she has this knack of calming fish down.


3 thoughts on “bubbles bubbles MY bubbles

  1. I think that kids and dogs have their own language. One that adults can’t understand. Sometimes it makes me jealous. :-)

    Thanks for the great blog!

  2. lol, she looks very vicious in that picture. We also have a border collie, but she has yet to discover that toddlers can be fun. Until dinner time that is, she has discovered that toddlers mess alot and can very easily be convinced to share their food.

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