SPAR women’s challenge 2012

I FINALLY convinced mum and pooky to join me for a 10km race! Okay so it’s only happening on the 15th of April and I have a feeling neither of them will run it with me but that’s not a huge train smash – at least they are joining me for a race – WOOHOO! and mum is going to see if she can convince her little group of golden girls to join in as well. mmm… I need a t-shirt made for all these races ; )

For those interested in joining you can register online (or at a spar) at TOPEVENTS and then just collect your race number on the 13th (first 22 000 women – or men dressed as women – get goodie bags) and if you don’t want to join in the actual race why not just come cheer on those who ARE taking part : )


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