*happy jig*

I won I won *jiggles out a little happy dance and then subsequently falls over in pain* I won a photoshoot for the fishness and myself and I can’t wait to book it (once my back is better that is)!

I’ve been saying for a while now that I need to arrange to have a shoot done for the fishness and I because I have so many photos of him but no decent ones of him and myself because the few I do have are those unflattering ones with arms stretch out as far in front of us as possible.

Well… a HUGE thank you to Erica Viljoen Photography for sponsoring Scaredmom’s Blog a shoot and of course a HUGE thanks to scaredmom for announcing this lovely blog right here as the winning comment and thus the receiver of a shoot!

I’m as excited as someone high on pain meds can be! Seriously…

I’ve stalked Erica’s blog and facebook and I can’t wait for her to capture fish and myself : ) her work is simple and captures those little moments perfectly. Being behind the camera myself I will admit I am VERY fussy about photos of myself cause hey there’s a reason I’m a photographer not a model – BUT – I have a feeling that Erica is going to do an amazing job.

Added bonus is that I get to meet scaredmom on the day of the shoot as well! Think I might need to bake a batch of cupcakes for the shoot… what say you?

Where you can stalk the lovely people who have made my day:


Erica Viljoen Photography

8 thoughts on “*happy jig*

  1. Cant wait cant wait cant wait…

    ps: I want chocolate pink cupcakes… that is if I can place an order…

  2. Hahaha, This post made me giggle. I’m happy you are so happy to win! I hope your back gets better soon so we can have a fun day filled with laughter and cupcakes :P
    (PS -I’m not on twitter)

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