sunday in newlands forest

My cousin and her friend booked a shoot a while back with me and today was the big day (I can’t thank the stars enough as the little bit of $ is desperately needed right now) but as is becoming a habit with my mother dearest I was left in the dust again with a shoot to do and no one to watch fish. THANKFULLY my cousin suggested I bring him a long so she can see him again.

C&A have been friends since kindergarten days and because A just got a job as an air hostess on BA they decided they want a fun shoot for some good memories.

A stunning idea and it was heaps of fun (even if it did remind me more of a couples shoot) despite the long hike to the perfect spot and the havoc it wreaked on my already screwed up back (of course I ended up carrying fish) – hope they enjoyed it!

Fish was in a bit of a miserable and clingy mood but then again I don’t blame him as I’ve been working very long hours and haven’t had much chance to spend time with him. But right at the end of the shoot he actually piped up “and me also, take photo me…”



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