me, the pretzel stick

I have a very high pain tolerance – tattoos are ticklish and I was in labor for a week and didn’t know it – so when I tell you I am in pain you KNOW it’s bad. Finally, after much pushing from friends, made an appointment to see a chiropractor; yup I sucked up my pride and closed my eyes to the cost and made an appointment.

It’s like being on a torture bed, you get bent this way and that like a pretzel stick – did you know that your dominant leg is usually shorter than the other and you’re not born that way, it actually develops like that over time – well turns out had I not gone I’d have been blogging from a surgery ward in a week or so. My alignment was just just borderline and not in a good way. Happy to say that everything is back in place now, still in pain but after a few follow up sessions it will all be hunky dory again.

Sadly I have to put that pride away for a bit longer and actually admit to people I need help because I’m not allowed to lift or move anything heavy – this includes the fishness. Do you know how hard it is to tell your child you can’t pick him up?

Going to be a tough few weeks but at least things are being fixed and not getting worse instead.


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