guilt-free indulgence

So we know that I’m just a tad cupcake obsessed. Just a tad. And add to that the fact that my birthday is next month. Well for those who want to know what I’d like for my birthday… BODY THRILLS has launched an amazing special just in time!

They’ve brought back every special they have had since they started making the amazing products and my non-existent account is cringing at the thought already. Why? Because they have a cupcake range!!! It smells like vanilla and roses and I NEED it! If no one gets me the cupcake frosting delight shower-time pleasures set I am going to be a very sad little cupcake that’s for sure…

And just to remind you all… mothers day is coming up in May for all of you who have forgotten. So head on over to Body Thrills now and place your order, spoil your mum. And hey, what’s better than some uber yummy bath goodies and if you get it now already you know you’re set come May AND you save a few pennies (always a huge bonus).

So visit their website, stalk them on twitter or like them on facebook cause you’ll regret it if you don’t!


6 thoughts on “guilt-free indulgence

  1. Not only do you need the cupcake frosting, you also need the chocolate pudding body scrub. I won’t lie and tell you I didn’t try to eat it…coz I did…

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