some things change, others… change even more

There are a few things that change a little drastically when you become a parent, and anyone who tells you that life stays the same you just add kids to it clearly has an au pair or something of the sort.

So here are a few things I’ve noticed since fishness graced my life with his presence… (it might be a little different for every family and am sure two parent households will also be rather different but we are talking about MY life here not theirs)


I used to have one. No seriously, I did. I promise I’m not making this up! In the long run I still do but it is vastly different. I still go to trance parties but they are never for a full weekend. No longer is going out to a pub dressed in my shortest considered a get together and now it’s exciting when we get invited to a birthday party cause the kids entertain each other so all the mums get to have a chat.


I’ve honestly forgotten what it’s like to have money at the end of the month. These days I have far too much month at the end of my money and then it’s not even because I’ve pissed it away or bought myself something nice. And the months I do actually spend a little something on myself I feel guilty as all hell.


I think I was sane once. But I might be mistaken.


I’ve always been a bit of a night owl but there is a huge difference to staying up out of choice and being woken up. Broken sleep should be used as a torture method.


My hips, waist and double chin love being a parent; they get to expand to their hearts content. No time for diet when you’re a single parent working numerous jobs just to keep things afloat. Lucky if I have time for a proper dinner let alone 3 proper meals a day!


My life used to be full one them and in a very good way, it’s still full of them BUT: now I’m trying to explain to a toddler why he gets hard when he plays with himself o_O


What’s that?!


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