it happened again

It’s April 2nd which means we are two days into my birthday month already, that’s right, TWO days in. and you know what? They haven’t exactly been marvelous at all…

Yesterday the universe was playing an april fools joke on me, but not the funny kind, the really mean kind where people get hurt and things get stolen… I’m going to give you the short version as I’m still feeling a little like it’s all just a bad dream and I’m going to wake up any minute.

Yesterday morning a friends daughter who I was babysitting snapped my glasses in half. I’m rather blind without them (picture me pretty much ON TOP of the screen right now) and it’s a glorious R2500 to replace them. She’s “agreed” to paying for them but I’m not going to hold my breath because my faith in people is running rather low at the moment. After dropping the little madam off at home I went through to bayside to have the issue sorted out as soon as possible. Soonest appointment I can get is tomorrow afternoon… I’d suggest you all stay clear of me if you see me on the road.

The day got progressively better, fish and I baked cupcakes and chilled on the bed watching movies and eating cheese bread… the perfect Sunday afternoon.

At the moment I’m addicted to criminal minds to I sat watching a few episodes when fish went to sleep but dosed off around midnight as I had to be in at work early. With the meds I’m on my dreams are VERY vivid so what happened next felt (and still does) surreal.

Must have been about 3am this morning, you know when you’re sleeping (or even awake) and you just get that feeling that you’re being watched or that someone’s negative energy is crowding your space? Well I felt it and I woke up. What happened next must have happened in less than a minute even though it felt like it had to have taken longer… In my sleepy state I saw a shadow next to my bed, realized it was a person and still thought to myself “what the fuck is shamus doing in my room” only to register that this shadow was far too skinny and tall to be shamus – in less than 5 seconds I’d realized all this and jumped out the bed yelling obscenities, hitting and kicking and throwing him with anything I could lay my hands on. Unfortunately short little old me can’t exactly scale a vibacrete wall in one bloody jump so the tosser got away.

While this was happening someone 2 blocks away had called the police and said he could hear a woman screaming – that would be me – so the police rushed out to our area. When shamus finally waddle-hobbled out his room and phoned the police it didn’t take them long to get here.

Sadly the toss won’t be found, I just know it. And unfortunately he was able to make off with some valuables (cops think there were two of them) like my new purple blackberry and my little laptop amongst a few other less important items.

Fish is fine, he only woke up with a bit of a fright cause of my screaming, had I been quiet he’d have blissfully slept through it all (must have inherited that ability from his grandpa) I on the other hand am injured yet again. I guess I just don’t learn, my brain isn’t wired like most peoples, I don’t run away. This is MY house, MY possessions and MY family to protect. Well I have a hairline fracture in my right arm but nothing serious and I don’t need a cast so long as I keep it calm and don’t stress the fracture.

I am so over this. It’s not the first time. I am tired of being scared about my and fish’s safety in my own home. I am tired of all this shit happening JUST as I think I finally have things under control and can maybe even look at replacing the tires on my car or even applying for a loan on a new one. I am so tired of struggling. I’ve had enough now.


16 thoughts on “it happened again

  1. You need to get a dog. Doesn’t matter if it is a small one or a big one – GET ONE!!!
    Let it sleep in your room or in the front room/lounge – you will feel and be a lot safer for it!

      • Oh??? Well why did it not bark at the intruder or attack the intruder? Is it kept at the back of the house? Do you know where the thief got in?

      • she has full roam of the entire garden and house. i adopted her 2 years ago, she’s a family member not a guard dog. was abused as a pup so she barks but if she’s yelled at or raised a hand to she cowers

  2. Girla… you need to come visit me and have some wine! (after you get your glasses so you can drive) Hannes forgets to lock our front door most evenings!

    So happy you and fish are both okay.

  3. glad you are all ok. I am also the fight response type. Although thankfully I have not been in that situation. We did have people break into the place I worked and I just went full barrel at them that they reverse out th door as fast as they could go.

    I just hope that in certain situations I will do what is best – and not just fight.

  4. Sorry to hear the your collie was abused as a pup. As far as protection goes, she will be no good for protection. See if you can rescue a German shepherd pup or a Rotweiler Pup, they are great dogs with great personalities and have great tempermaent around children but people who don’t know them are soooo scared of them – nobody will even contemplate coming over into your property.
    I would think that the “kill” idea is not in their heads all the time because if it was, the guy who broke in would have killed you if he wanted to and especially if you put up a fight. If you don’t want to get another pup then at least get yourself and small 0.77 or 0.22 air pistol. Won’t kill but it will damn near hurt like hell if you shot someone with it.
    And if you hate guns (although an air pistol is not a proper gun) then get yourself some mace or pepper spray but whichever it is, I’m sure you will be mindful of keeping it in a safe place away from Fish. By the way, my mother lives in Gauteng and I am a South African myself.

    • please note i am a singlemum, i receive no maintenance and petrol is going up with 71c today. i can barely keep up with the cost of living as is never mind buying guns or adding an extra mouth to feed.

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