a task from my shoemate

Last night shoemate gave me the strangest “task” to complete. She asked if I still blog and I said I do daily, and then she said I need to promise her what that I’ll do what she asks. She’s my shoemate, why wouldn’t I?!

Well the task as I said is slightly odd – she wants me to make a list of 10 reasons why she needs me. Not why I need her but why SHE needs ME. Her reason being that I need to realise how much I mean to her and how I have been able to change her life.

This is going to be tough as to me SHE has changed my life and I could easily give 10 reasons why I need her. So I’m going to give it a shot because it’s what she’s asked me to do…

  1. I will always be here for her, even when she forgets who I am or I have to wipe the dribble from her chin, I will be here and I will love her all the same.
  2. I remind her of special moments. She tells me things and I make sure she remembers them when her mind doesn’t have the strength or will to.
  3. I can make her laugh even when she wants to cry.
  4. I make her feel normal, I give her the opportunity to be her, just her, not what society thinks she should be. She’s never had to pretend around me, I don’t care how much or how little she is. She is a person and that’s that.
  5. I am her strength and creativity when she thinks she has none.
  6. I am a constant in her life. I remind her daily how beautiful she is even if she doesn’t feel it and I make sure she knows what an amazing mother, friend and wife she is.
  7. I am realistically helping her plan for what the future might hold, helping her make sure that her daughter knows exactly how wonderful and strong a person she is, how much she loves her and that she will always be watching her no matter what happens. Helping her put letters and gifts together that I will personally make sure A gets if she is no longer able to.
  8. I am her light when everything else seems dark.
  9. We are connected, she is my soulmate and I am hers, we share one another’s pain and fears (literally) though we are each other’s strength at the same time.
  10. I don’t take her bullshit.

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