hopping bunnies and crazy mummy’s

I am so excited for easter this year, most likely more so than the kids! Fish is FINALLY old enough to get that the easter bunny brings chocolate and boy has it helped for his behavior – because the easter bunny is only a phone call away when he’s naughty ;)

He enjoyed last easter but his uncle did a lot of the helping and egg finding so am really keen for this year as he can run around the garden hunting down all his easter eggs himself. It’s also the first year I have actually made an effort to go out and buy him easter eggs so he is going to be on a sugar overload Sunday!

I found for him and his uncle each really cute kinderjoy bunnies that are like the eggs they both love with the toy inside but it’s got a chocolate bunny holding the egg, for the adults they each get a lindt bunny (the mini ones cause fook I can’t afford those big ones!) I also got a few caramel eggs and a little train egg thing from woolies. I even found cars decorated easter eggs. Something a little different – the bunny bought fish a 6 pack of bubblegum steri stumpies (his absolute favorite thing in the world lately) and a little bunny teddy.

And of course it’s not all about the chocolate. Hell, in the southern hemisphere we should be celebrating the autumn harvest not the beginning of spring. But there’s no harm enjoying at least one or two hallmark holidays a year right? Besides, one of these days he’ll be too old for egg hunts and his mum so going to milk every second I have with him.

So… what’s everyone got planned for this lovely long weekend?


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