that weird thing called broodiness

Every now and then I get really broody. Who the hell knows why, blame mother nature, I mean I remember my first year (hell, his whole life) with fish and it was everything but easy going. I haven’t forgotten about the sleepless nights, the terror of not knowing what the hell to do, the exhaustion and frustrations… sure there have been some really amazing moments and as I’ve said before I will fight till the death for this little man. But I am SO not prepared to go through all of it again.

I think the blame goes to the shops making all those cute little girly outfits with cupcakes on. They need to make more boys stuff with cupcakes on. Then I’ll have no reason at all to feel broody!

Well I did a little newborn shoot today and it makes me really sad that I never did one for fish. Maybe that’s why I over compensate and take so many of him now. I’ll never be able to go in time and do his shoot but I can make sure others don’t miss out on having one…

Thanks Nadene for sending Amy and baby Matthew my way!


One thought on “that weird thing called broodiness

  1. I love that through your brutally honest descriptions of the struggles of motherhood, there’s still a thread of humor – always.

    That’s why I’d like to nominate you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog if you need more info.

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