a morning on the run

I ran 10km today while pushing a pram with a screaming, molar teething toddler who has post nasal drip and sinus in it… I’ll wait for you to stop laughing. Have you stopped yet? Okay that’s enough now seriously…

Can’t believe I made it! A whole 10km in one go with him! I run in the afternoons but never that far anymore, especially not while pushing a pram! And to top it off I did the whole 10km in 75 minutes! Slow but hey, I did it!

fishness and i on the go! (thanks mel for the sneaky photo haha)

Picture 18 000 women running around green point / sea point today… it was a sea of orange. And then the odd ball of a guy who decided to run (odd because men may only run if they are dressed as women… it’s actually pretty hilarious). The race started at the green point stadium, went through the waterfront, up back around to the pavilion and all along the promenade past the lighthouse and back to the stadium. The weather was perfect, chilly with the threat of rain (which it did do right as I finished – the sky was crying it was so happy I made it hahaha) and the sea spray coming up while running along the promenade was amazing. Minus the fact that I got soaked by a rogue wave that decided to spray up and over all over me and the pram.

My first actual race for 2012 and am stoked I did it, even though at 4am this morning I was definitely not all that stoked, actually I was cursing and I’m sure fish was as well for making him get out of bed so early.

Speaking of… the little man got his very own medal! Not sure why seeing as I did all the running and he moaned for 4 of the 10km. maybe its cause he looked so cute all snuggled up in his cars blanket when we got to the finish : )

my number and our medals! yay

Next up… the Carel du Toit family fun walk this Sunday! Only 5km but we’re getting the kids to join in (need to train them young) and the money goes to the kids at the Carel du Toit school for the deaf.


2 thoughts on “a morning on the run

  1. congratulations! I used to run with Little OL when she was a baby but have not in a while. Now she just moans so it is not fun. Also every time she sees a slide or the sea she just wants out. And has figured out how to get out of the straps and stands up. Not good for a successful run.

    That is a very good time!

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