i am SO glad that it’s not just me who feels this way but “normal and sane” parents as well. Thanks poppit. really needed to read a post like this. Here is to all us mums surviving our kids!

Indigo Lines

Phoenix is generally an amazingly happy child. A mind filled with wonder, a hand filled with sweets waiting to swallow the healthy piece of fruit I have basically shoved down her throat. She sleeps well(ish), she eats like a champion and those little stolen moments of tenderness are heart warming but then….

… out of the darkness creeps this two eyed, two-legged, two armed, blonde monster! The days when it’s all about what is HERS, about long, {dragging on the floor}, sulky lip, batting eye lashes, crocodile tears and a constant flow of the word NO! *deep breath*  It’s times like this when I take a step back from her, tilt my head to the side and wonder “who {or what} exactly are you?

It’s very rare that you come across a mom that will voice the moments when you want to shake the daylights out that monster child – why?…

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