I’ve been a bit of a “spotty blogger” of late and I’m really sorry. Work has me really busy during the day and by the time I get home all I want to do is spend some time with fish or watch a series and sleep.

Think it’s also the new meds taking their toll. Usually I have a week period when meds are upped that I feel a little out of sorts but with the Lamotrigine it’s different as its being upped every two weeks so am not really getting any “gap” if you know what I mean. I know that once I’ve settled on the 100mg things will even out again and I’ll feel a little more normal. For now it’s just taking it’s toll, I have enough energy and good vibes to get me through the day but also means my need for sleep is slowly coming back (yay for no more insomnia) and that generally means less time for any “personal/me” time.

Going to try and MAKE time to do me things though. Have started reading in between job1 and job2 as I usually have a few minutes to myself while I wait for Mr S to finally trundle his way out of school and to the car after school… don’t you love how kids have absolutely no concept of time? Damnit it makes we want to go back to those carefree days. Not that they were easy but hell they were just a tad less stressful!

Anyway, enough moaning and feeling sorry for myself. Back to work I go. Have an AMAZING day everyone! I shall try catch up on photo posts when I am home tonight.

Keep an eye out… my birthday in 10 days and I’m hoping to have a really awesome little give-away prize to hand out on the day!


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