oh baby babeh

You’ve seen me post a photo or a dozen of @brono_bell and you’ve been witness to a few posts showing just how much her bump is growing. Well @chattotabby and I decided that bron needed one last party that was all about HER (before Cody arrives and steals all the attention) so we planned a baby shower!

Let me tell you something, it was NO easy feat trying to arrange this; I’ve never met Tabby bar speaking on twitter, bbm and FB. So here are two strangers throwing a baby shower for a friend they have in common and hey Tabby, we didn’t do too bad! Another little fork in the mix was that we of course wanted to keep bron happy so it was not allowed to be a surprise, no games, nothing over the top either.

At the end I think we managed to make it a pretty perfect day. Well at least I hope so.

our cute little setup

of course there were cupcakes

tokai forest was the perfect venue for the picnic

my hippy child, barefoot as always

check how big the bump is getting!

the awesome @chattotabby who did pretty much most of the work!


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