these are a few of our favorite things

I read the cutest little blogpost by Tiny Toes who apparently got the idea from Dear Max about what their little ones are into at the moment, and I know that I usually do it on a photo on the 6th of every month but heck, he’s been such a sweetie lately so decided I’d do it as well…

Favourite expression/word

  • Fish: Never – just so you know, I do really not like this phase
  • Mom:  Stop saying never/fudgecakesdamnitall

Favourite outfit

  • Fish: If it has cars, Smurfs or Scooby on it you’ll wear it
  • Mom: Colourful stockings and my leather boots

    if it has cars on you’ll wear it…

Favourite hobby/activity

  • Fish: Tormenting the cat and horse riding, you’ve also taken a liking to reading
  • Mom: Blogging/Reading

Favourite drink

  • Fish: Water or tea
  • Mom: Pepsi

Favourite food

  • Fish: Bread and rice krispies
  • Mom: Pasta

Most overused word/expression

  • Fish: Go away please / mommy mommy mommy (repeat this about 1000000 times in a minute)
  • Mom: Shit

Favourite TV programme

  • Fish: We don’t own a TV but you love Scooby Doo
  • Mom: at the moment it’s a toss-up between drop dead diva and criminal minds

Favourite book

  • Fish: A collection of Disney tales you got for your last birthday
  • Mom: War of the Flowers

Worst activity/chore

  • Fish: Cleaning up
  • Mom: Cleaning up after you because you won’t do it

Latest discovery

  • Fish: You’ve figured out how to make 2 minute noodles in the microwave (which is now kept unplugged before you blow the house up)
  • Mom: Ginseng violet in my conditioner keeps the purple from fading for longer

These things change on a daily basis and you are constantly surprising me with what you are capable of doing my little man. As much as we argue and struggle I am so honored to be your mom and to have the opportunity to watch you grow and help you learn. You have taught me to see the world through a child’s eyes again and for that I am forever in debt to you. You have mommy’s heart forever an always (unless of course you murder, rape or do anything else a psychotic sociopath would, then you’re on your own I’m afraid.)


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