to mom with love

One day a year we’re reminded to give our mother a gift and even though I used to agree it’s as bad as valentine’s day and the usual babble that love and appreciation should be showed every day not just one now that I myself am a mom I realise how “important” mother’s day is. It’s the one day where everyone turns their attention to moms all over and shows them that little bit of EXTRA love that they so deserve.

Behind every successful person is a mother.

#ToMomWithLove is an initiative of ReviewMe and TMS30x30 who have joined up to spread a little love to the most important person on this planet. A mom. It also happens to be one of the nicest hashtags to trend on twitter for a while and not because it’s a competition either I promise.

But seeing as it IS a competition and there is no way you can win without entering why not add your ticket in the booth for a chance to win an amazing gift for your mommy dearest. And what is this gift I’m avoiding telling you about?

  • A large bunch of flowers
  • A chocolate hamper
  • AND a voucher for a back, neck and shoulder massage

You can head on over to to leave the comment that will count as 1 entry – the comment has to be about what your favorite special memory is with you and your mom. To actually qualify for a full entry though you also have to follow both @ReviewMe and @TMS30x30 on twitter as well as like both the and TMS30x30 facebook pages.

All of this reminds me that I need to go and get my mum a little something special as soon as payday rolls in. Wonder if my siblings would be willing to club together this year… Mmm…


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