it’s the weeeeeekend baby!

And not just ANY weekend either. It just so happens to be MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! And how bloody awesome is it that:

  1. Rainy weather is my absolute favourite and out of the blue a storm just rolled in.
  2. My weekends starts tonight – dinner at the parents (I don’t have to cook… YAY)
  3.  I have VIP entrance to Bugz playpark with fish tomorrow with Scaredmom (expect photos!)
  4.  I am running a half marathon (21km) Saturday morning (ON my actual birthday)
  5.  Fish will be spending the night with granny on Saturday so that I can go celebrate my birthday with my friends. (not sure yet if you should expect photos, I might be too scared to post them!)
  6. My employer #1 made sure I was paid on time so that I’d have money to do #4 and #5
  7. Oh, and did I mention it just so happens to be a 5 day weekend?!

Think I am just about the luckiest lady alive this weekend. And so what if I don’t get showered with gifts (even though I’ve kept reminding people that I NEED gifts) it’s going to be a stunning one spent with friends and my little man. Way better than any birthday I’ve had since turning 16!

So with that I wish you all a bloody marvellous weekend! Have a drink (or three) on Saturday and say a silent happy birthday for me, @india2daisy and @amy_mi (who are also April 28 babies!).

Oh, and if you happen to be in cape town and are looking for something to do on Saturday evening – come join us (US being @reyv3004 and myself because we’re celebrating our birthdays together!) for a drink at the big barrel pub in richwood. Bring a gift – it’s mandatory just so by the way hehehehe.

Just look out for the lady with a drink in her hand; heels that could put a stripper’s to shame; a black corset with far too much cleavage; purple hair; a tiara and big fat smile! That will be me!  Unless of course some other chop decides to dress like me. In that case just ask for cupcake :P)


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