a day at Bugz

First things first; never trust a garmin. It is very likely to get you lost. And then it will die so you have no idea where you are or how to get out and heading to the right destination. Not sure how this little black device could get me so lost… we were supposed to be heading to Bugz Play Park (which is just off the N1) and it had me on the N2?! Yeah… not so sure what happened there.

Well after a lot of wrong turns, frantic phone calls to scaredmom and a slightly illegal shortcut across the grass barrier of the N1 fish and I arrived! Exhausted and over being in a car fish was a little bit of a miserable brat but as soon as he was handed the ticket stumps for the rides he was in a much better mood.

There is SO much to do at Bugz! from numerous jumping castles and play-gyms to train rides, pony rides and quad biking. And the food, so glad I didn’t take much money with because between the amazing food and the cape garden nursery I would have spent all my salary. Only thing I’ll remember for next time is where the “adult juice” stand is :P

And a big thank you to Scaredmom for “stealing” my camera… now I actually have a few pics of fish and I together.

I can’t thank @Huggies enough, I honestly felt like a kid again! I’m not sure who enjoyed the day more, scaredmom and I or the kids. Or who was more knackered after all the fun…

Oh and dear Bugz owner/manager… if your really awesome, big oversized blue chairs ever go missing… it was not us. Just saying…


3 thoughts on “a day at Bugz

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