barefoot in capetown

Ian is in the mother city for the first time and seeing as the day doesn’t count for much (being a public holiday and all) we decided to play tourist. BAREFOOT. In cape town.

I have lived here 6 years now and have seen pretty much all of cape town already, sure there are maybe one or two places to go on my list but I’ve made a conscious effort to know my city. Plus, we have to be awesome, we have one of the world’s wonders…

So off we went. Starting in table view, heading through town to sea point, stopping at cliffton’s 4th beach, deciding not to stop in camps bay for fear of being trampled by the masses, going for a mini hike along llandudno’s beach and rocky outcrops, lunch at a cute little fish and chips place on the harbor in houtbay and then of course forcing him to run up the steps at Rhodes memorial.





Ending the day with my craving for the moment: jalapeno poppers!


2 thoughts on “barefoot in capetown

    • hahahaha, i’ll let him know ;)
      though i don’t think he’s played a day of rugby in his life and he’s so bloody tiny that even i can tackle him into a coma :P

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