we are star stuff

The whole “star stuff” idea comes from the famous, and late scientists, Carl Sagan. Basically he says that we all come from the stuff that stars are made of, i will explain…

Following the Big Bang theory, the universe or whatever it was at that time was composed of the most simplistic form of tangible matter, being hydrogen. From this came stars, which are immensely dense and hot “balls” of hydrogen gas. Over the course of millions of years this hydrogen is “burned” in a process known as nuclear fusion. Towards the very end of a stars lifetime, the star fuses the remaining hydrogen atoms in to oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, and so forth until even heavier elements are formed.

Coincidentally, these are the very elements that life requires… therefore my point that everything you see used to be a star. No other process could have formed this matter, and science proves it. Therefore, the phrase “I AM STAR STUFF” in the language of our own proteins, being amino acids, cannot represent this any better. This genetic code is a fundamental part of life, for it is the building blocks of DNA. The same atoms that came out of the violent death of star somehow formed such connections that mysteriously created life.

We, people of the stars, now look up and contemplate the night sky along with all of the stars in it. This is why i love science. It shows how interconnected everything is.

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