Rocking for Rhinos

This year alone 199 rhinos have been killed for their horns (note that we aren’t even half way through the year yet!). 199 rhinos and what for? For cancer. Yup… some idiot out there (a priest mind you) decided that rhino horn is a natural cure for cancer. And hangovers.

So these creatures are dying because of us humans. Because a bunch of our kind are stupid enough to believe what this one tosser claims to be true, do you know what rhino horn is made of? Its keratin – the stuff that our hair and nails are made of. You want your cure for cancer? I’ll happily donate all my nail clippings and hair!

Two rhinos have survived a poaching all because their owner has always treated them as family and went out to visit them daily, finding them and getting them the veterinary care they needed. Higgins and Lady at Fairy Glen are still alive, dehorned and Higgins has lost most of his sight. But thanks to some miracle they are alive.

Higgins and Lady now need constant care and treatment to their wounds and this is costly so a few people decided to get a whole lot of local bands together to put on a show and donate all funds raised to the Higgins and Lady fund.

So a few of us (and our kids) headed out to Hillcrest Wine Estate to make our small contribution to the Rhino Fund. We got there at 09:30 and only intended to stay an hour or two… well we left at 17:30! Brilliant day.

breakfast hehehe ;)

bronson and amy

ian finally getting the live music he’s been moaning for

the sexy @tash_wen

fishness and aurora – juuuust making sure she’s doing it right haha

he pee’s like a typical guy. clearly i’m doing SOMETHING right

box surfing! even bronson had a go

nailed it!

time to go home now…


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