little scientists and rainbow cake

The very gorgeous (yes fiona you are!) @fionaby DM’d me a few weeks back asking if I would be able to bake a rainbow cake for her little Mr’s 7th birthday, not sure why I agreed but I did and I’m so glad!

Woke up at 4am to start baking (it’s so better when the cake is fresh), each layer had to be done separately – 6 layers in total, each coloured separately and baked separately. Times 45 minutes by 6… ja I know right?! (and as was pointed out I missed one of the rainbow colours… SORRY!)

Wedged each layer with chocolate frosting and then smothered it in a plain white vanilla. That turned out to be the easy part… clever me put it on the cupcake stand. Not considering that I still had to transport this rather unstable 6 layered cake…

I stuck a sign on the car warning people I was transporting a cake, put my hazards on and drove 20km/h all the way there. Am pretty sure a few people had a good laugh!
All the kids at the party were either ADHD or have aspergers. A room full of mini-me’s… oi vey! Well all I can say is that @fionaby did a fantastic job, the kids were constantly entertained, from marble-milk experiments and cupcake decorating to balloon races and spin art painting. It was go go go from the start, I’m tired and all I did was take photos! Can only imagine how @fionaby is feeling haha.

All in all a stunning day that’s ending off with me hiding in mum’s office while the “adults” get drunk and fishness plays with his uncle rudi and the other kids… it’s bliss, but my bed is calling! So here are just a few photos from today and I’ll link back more when I have a little more energy haha.

how beautiful is this child of mine?!

the infamous cake

rainbow layers… minus the one colour haha

cupcake decorating

spin art, i remember doing this on plates at craft markets as a kid

blow those bubbles!


3 thoughts on “little scientists and rainbow cake

  1. Thanks for making it so special, these photos look stunning. It was great meeting you and your little man.

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