one step forward and two steps back

Just as soon as you’re about to score the damned goal posts get moved.

I learned today that my main income job’s hours have been halfed. I have no idea what to say (seeing as I’ve already been through the list of profanities I know) and I’ve had my little meltdown, okay so maybe it wasn’t so little – picture one of those OC mums breaking a nail and then finding out her manicurist is on maternity leave… Yeah, it wasn’t a pretty sight that I’m certain of.

I’m going to try be positive about this, I’ve said I feel stuck so maybe this is the kick up the butt to find something new.

As they say: when a door closes, go through the window…
Only problem in this scenario is that the door shut itself while the house is on fire and the window is 8 stories above the ground.

But either I can stay in this situation and burn or a I can take the terrifying jump and hope like hell there’s a hot fireman at the bottom of my fall.



One thought on “one step forward and two steps back

  1. I know its hard to think positive but have faith it will work out and it will! Last year I was laid off… while on maternity leave and straining under the costs of just having had a baby (note: married but main bread winner). It was tough, but it forced me to take more time off, something I secretly wanted to do but didn’t have the balls to do (for financial reasons). AND starting my dream job next week :)

    I’m sure it will work out and you’ll find something even better than the last job!

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