dearest biodad

How would one describe a man who leaves his fiancé and son for another woman, oh wait I meant to say womEn. What would you call a man who never asks about his son, never enquires about seeing him or asking whether perhaps we need some financial help.

A coward.

Because said man would rather log onto this blog for updates than admit what a failure he is as a human being and parent than risk contacting either his son or myself. Yes Mr Freeman, the cat is out the bag…

But that’s okay. Because guess who gets told “I love you” and gets the cuddles at night, guess who’s the one he loves, who’s the one posting the photos and watching him become the man you could only dream of.

And guess who is the guy that is no one but a stranger.

Enjoy my blog Mr Freeman.

Brightest Blessings
The fish and his mummy xxx


3 thoughts on “dearest biodad

  1. You gorgeous, brave and incredible woman. I salute you, and every other Mommy who is rocking being two parents. You are right. YOU are loved. Bottomlessly. And respected. Live every day knowing the sweet joy of your babies snuggles and the freedom of knowing you and the love you share, will make him the great man he will be.

    Kudos my friend x

  2. With a mum like you my gorgeous friend, Fish gets all the love he needs. Be proud of yourself and what you’re achieving daily with your amazing little boy. One day you will be the one he thanks for everything!

  3. This I promise you will pay off….I’ve bn there, got a princess to show for it and now am remarried….donor finally decided to join in the fun….and for her sake, I just forgave and moved on.

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