celebrating world baking day

On Friday I was surprised to a knock at the door (surprised because usually I’m at work) so I cautiously hollered out a “hello, can I help” at the knocker from down the passage and got a “I have a cake for you” response. Immediate reaction was A WHAT? And despite my objections the knocker was certain she had the correct address.

Gingerly I opened the door to peek my head around it (because I was in a towel with purple colouring in my hair and gloves on – hey, having purple hair takes a lot of maintenance so no judging) and true as bob there was a lady in a chef’s hat and apron carrying a big red box and a camera. She looked me up and down, went a bright red and couldn’t stop laughing. The laughing turns out to be not because of the way I looked but because she had to take a photo of me with the box… erm… THANK YOU to her (didn’t get a name) for letting me scrabble around to get somewhat decent before snapping the photo.

The box was a little treasure trove of baking goodies! A cake, margarine, an embroidered apron, a spatula, sugar paste flowers, vanilla essence and a bag of icing sugar.

The instructions were simple: the cake was a gift from stork and this blog right here was one of a select to receive the treasure box from STORK, the mission: decorate the cake and then go photograph it somewhere random. The reason: well, today just so happens to be WORLD BAKING DAY and what a better way to celebrate all the bakers out there.

At first I had planned on doing a pretty and fancy cake, something elegant and exquisite, but then fish asked he wants to help. So I decided that seeing as this is about celebrating bakers it should be fun, I covered the cakes in fondant last night and molded a bunch of mini cupcakes. This morning I gave fish the square cake as his to decorate – he attacked it with food colour markers. The round one was for Shamus to do and he just plonked flowers on it (no I did not get my creativity from him) and then Ian decided that the little cupcakes were his project.
Put the whole ensemble together and we got this creative and colourful mess. It might not resemble a cakeboss or charly’s bakery master piece but I can happily admit that everyone had fun in its creation.

Thank you to STORKS’s @ILoveBakingSA concept! This house had too much fun with this wonderful #caking project! And just to let you know what happened to the cake: it was shared amongst friends and the homeless. Because #caking happiness needs to be shared ♥

Go and have a look at their Facebook page at some of the awesome random places people have taken their cake! My favorite by far is the guy who took his cake surfing! I kid you not!


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