a purple monday

What an amazing day it’s been.

That little winter sun making its appearance to warm our frozen bones was exactly what all of us needed I’m sure. Not the blistering heat we suffer in summer, just nice enough to sit outside and warm up a little.

Went for a preliminary interview this morning (cassis paris in the gardens centre is GORGEOUS… turns out I match their décor though…) and I think it went pretty well. My application has been put forward so now we just wait and see if I get called back for the second interview. Really holding thumbs on this one as it will go a long way with helping out a lot of the financial stresses.

Then seeing as I was in town I went to the waterfront to say hi to shamus, ended up blathering about on the rubber ducks as they needed to come out the water to be cleaned. Loved it! The warm sun on my face as I dragged my fingers in the chilly ocean, what a awesome combination.

After the afternoons lessons I went to get fish at the nanny who now lives in a big complex in big bay, they have this huge jungle gym for the kids in the complex to play on so I decided to stay a bit and let fish play seeing as he loves clambering around so much.

And then to end it off I’m about to crawl into bed with a bowl of tomato and basil soup while cuddling up to my little man and watch a movie. The photo editing can wait till a little later…


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