happy birthday joonbug

It’s June which means it’s Joonbug’s 7th birthday this year! Hard to believe we’ve had her two years already though at the same time it’s hard to imagine her only being here for two years.

At first I got her as a guard dog, someone to make people think twice about just coming into the yard. Well that was somewhat a fail of note, seeing as we’ve been broken into numerous times and on each occasion found her hiding away in the shed outside…

But she IS a part of this family. If I wasn’t so against it (and if she didn’t have the tendency to try lay ON TOP of me) she’d even be allowed in bed with us. She has been so great with fish and so patient; letting him put her lead on and walk her around the garden, sitting on her and pretending she’s a horse, pulling her ears and even feeding her dinner one pellet at a time.

She is truly an amazing little soul and in saying that I also urge you to go and adopt before you think about buying. I can’t imagine this gorgeous woof being put down. This family would definitely be a much sadder one without her a part of it.


2 thoughts on “happy birthday joonbug

  1. I LOVE border collies. We have one, but she is only just beginning to warm up to Little OL. Especially now that she has discovered that toddlers usually have a snack in their hands and can be easily convinced to share.

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