a #cupcakechallenge for @epilepsySA

This morning on the way to work (in my new car) @monicnaks tweeted and asked me if I was taking part in the #cupcakechallenge set forth by @EpilepsySA to raise awareness. In what I think is a brilliant way – though I might be a little bias on this ;) – and I decided immediately that I’m in, always willing to help raise awareness for a worthy cause, this one especially as one of our #dinnerclubmums has epilepsy. And of course, any reason to bake cupcakes!

To take this challenge one step further (read about the original challenge on the webpage – EPSA Cupcake Competition) I’ve teamed up with @AngelConradie over at TheCupcakeLady to raise funds for the cause. Angel is based in Jozi so any of you up that side please contact her for your orders and of course anyone here in the mother city can contact me. Both of us will offer overnight delivery (at your own cost unfortunately) for those of you who live in some arb little town.

So what will this cost you and what are you getting out of it?
For a mere R15 a cupcake (or R150 if you order a dozen) you will get the yummiest cupcake you’ve ever had of course! A purple velvet (as the epilepsy awareness colour is purple and not just because I like the colour) cupcake with a cream cheese frosting placed in an adorable take away box wrapped up in a pretty bow. And who knows… you might just get a little something extra, seeing as it’s such a great cause and because surprises are always awesome!

So dig deep into your pockets or root around between the sofa cushions (and tell all your friends, colleagues and family) because you do NOT want to miss out on these delectable yummies! And even if you’re not into sweet things, place an order as they make great gifts. Did I mention the funds raised will be handed over to Epilepsy South Africa? Come on… you know you want to help out this great cause!

3 thoughts on “a #cupcakechallenge for @epilepsySA

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    So as most of you know, the fabulous Cupcakemummy is a girl very near and dear to my heart. Run over to her blog, check this out and order cupcakes for yourself your family and even as a little gift. It is really an awesome cause!

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