this weekend in retrospect

WOW this weekend has been a non stop GO GO GO kind of weekend! Hence being so quiet here in the blogosphere! Apologies but hey, at least I’m here now so do not despair, I shant starve you of my awesomeness any longer…
Where to start… originally I had nothing planned for this weekend, go figure that it would fill up soon as it realised I was going to enjoy it relaxing.

Mum offered to let fishness sleep over at her on Friday even though I had no plans (she’s really loving him now that he’s a little older and it makes me so happy to see him and his granny get along so well as my gran and I still don’t get along) and in hearing this @thestilettomum insisted we go out but with finances as they are we opted to invite ourselves over to HQ’s house and make him cook us dinner ;)

first time ever @thestilettomum has had a beanie on! looking geek chic ;)

happy 23rd birthday boytjie!

Mr Sofa (the gent who is currently crashing on my couch while he gets all his yachting qualifications) decided to simply invite himself along and seeing as the following day was his birthday I could hardly say no, plus I needed the company so that we’d all be even stevens – 3 gents and 3 very hot mamma’s hehe. We stocked up on vanilla vodka (mixed with coke it is EVIL stuff as it tastes JUST like vanilla coke) and HQ provided the bubbly… I’m going to let you fill in the rest of the evening as I think it’s a little bit of a 18SNLV content, just know it ended around 5am-ish.

Yesterday we headed up Table Mountain for Mr Sofa’s birthday, he hasn’t been up and of course you get a free ticket on your birthday. They have done such a make over since the mountain gained “a world wonder” status, will admit I am very impressed though perhaps with visa sponsoring them they could lower the prices on things so that locals can also afford a cup of coffee on top of the mountain…
Also a note to self – take a jacket with! I made sure that Mr Sofa and the Fishness were both dressed warmly and of course as soon as we reached the top and that 5deg chill hit me I realised I’d left my jacket in the car. Go figure.

This morning it was an early start to get 36 cupcakes baked and delivered in Sea Point for the lovely @dskapery’s little man’s bumble bee birthday, then off to Observatory for a beer with B and back to the view to teach NS because Pants is writing his very first exam tomorrow!!! Now to get back to baking because I have a #cupcakesforepilepsy delivery to drop off early early for the @evly team!


4 thoughts on “this weekend in retrospect

  1. Thanks a million for the cup cakes. My boys party was awesome and those cup cakes were polished off in no time.

    Great blog by the way.

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