creating awareness one cupcake at a time

The orders are coming in, and it’s great to see how people are taking to the idea that @TheCupcake_Lady and I are running with.

I will admit that after all the cupcakes I baked this weekend I am feeling just a tad cupcaked out. Yeah okay so that would never happen but if I was a “normal” person I’d probably put down the whisk and back away from the oven at a cautious yet speedy pace.

To give you an idea: on Friday I baked, frosted and decorated 24 cupcakes for a 7pm delivery in Brackenfell, then Saturday afternoon it was time to tackle 36 cupcakes for a mid-morning delivery in Sea Point and last night I tackled another 24 cupcakes for deliveries this morning.

12 went to the team at Evly for their Monday morning meeting which meant the cupcakes needed to be there by 8am. I thought I’d be clever and get them all done last night but while waiting for them to cool down I joined Mr Sofa for a movie, and then promptly fell asleep it was so boring. So there was me at 5am this morning frosting and decorating cupcakes in a flat spin because getting out of the view is a nightmare in the morning and if you’re not out the house by 6 you can say goodbye to being anywhere before 9.

The other 12 yummies are filling gaps in the tummies of the staff at the waterfront boat company.

If you haven’t put your order in yet I suggest you contact The Cupcake Lady or me ASAP! Remember it’s for a good cause. And if you have been the receiver of a #cupcakesforautism order then please go and upload a photo of yourself, family, friends or even pets with your cupcake on the CUPCAKES FOR EPILEPSY facebook page :)

Please note that I do not generally deliver because I do work a full time job but if the drop off happens to be in the same location as somewhere that I am heading to for work then I don’t mind taking them along and delivering as with this past weekends orders.

here is to creating awareness. one cupcake at a time!


One thought on “creating awareness one cupcake at a time

  1. Strongs!
    I’ve had 4 orders and another 3 to do for this week for the EpilepsySA campaign. And thats apart from the 50 brownies I had to do today and the other cake and cupcake orders this week… :P

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