just a little vent

Put your thumb and pointing finger together, now move them about 2cm apart. That is how close I came to getting out my car and actually decking a beggar. Let me explain…

I’m an only parent with a baby daddy who is oblivious to the fact that paying maintenance is the right thing to do so instead I have to work numerous jobs to pay for everything I have and even then it barely covers the necessitates.
This you are all aware of.
Well this morning I dropped fishness off at the nanny and headed on to Woodstock as Get Stuff Done had a rather important presentation to present to Yiorgos of The Greek Merchant, on the way I stopped for a pie as I was in such a rush to get out the house this morning I spaced on eating breakfast and even though I hate to eat so early I have to so I can take my meds. I pay with my card, always do. Been robbed often enough to know that carrying cash on your person is a rather daft idea in this country (unless of course you keep it in your shoe).
I get to a robot and a caucasian gentleman walks up to my window and asks for change, now I am always polite and if I do happen to have something I’ll give it to them. This guy on the other hand didn’t think I was polite when I smiled and said “I’m sorry but I don’t have anything for you.” And instead of moving on to the next car he smirked at me and responded with a “nothing for me but you can afford a new car, nice”. Well I pretty much lost it right there and let him have it. If the robot hadn’t turned green I promise the stars I would have gotten out and shoved his face up my exhaust pipe.
I work HARD for what I have, I am very grateful to my mum for bringing me up with a will to survive and the stubbornness never to give up. I am grateful that I work hard enough to afford what I have and that despite everything I haven’t simply given up. For that I am grateful, and very proud. Because after all I’ve been through it could be me standing on the corner but it’s not, so thanks to my stubbornness, my mum, my friends and my followers for being the shoe to my ass and not letting me become that sad and jealous man on the corner.

One thought on “just a little vent

  1. Oh boy do I hear you! I worked my backside off raising my son alone, on only my salary, and to get snarky comments from judgemental dickheads made me want to run them over!

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