local is lekker – GIVEAWAY

Yesterday I met with the Greek God himself, owner of The Greek Merchant and we’ve decided to try out a bit of a fun marketing strategy! TGM is a Proudly South African company run by a Greek (ironic I know), all merchandise is designed by local designers, materials and production is local and even the bands who’s merchandise he designs and produces is proudly SA. TGM does a few international acts when they come to SA and are also starting to branch out to corporate orders.

I’ve spent the morning handing out free merchandise to different South African bloggers for them to use as prizes in giveaways on their blogs…

And of course The CupcakeMummy has a little something for all of you as well!

So, all the Parlotones fans (or if you have a friend/family memeber who loves them) you can win the following:

And guess what? Entry is as simple as 123!

  1. Head on over to The Greek Merchants website and pick 3 of your favorite SA bands whose merchandise they design and produce, include them in your comment.
  2. Let me know what your favorite Parlotones song is.
  3. A comment, a tweet and an FB each count as an entry – if you do tweet or FB let me know so that I can add your extra entry in with your comment.

Entries close on Sunday evening and the winner will be chosen using RandomPicker so that the winner is fair and unbias.

You can’t win unless you enter to get entering!

And while you’re at it why not check out what else TGM has to offer:


7 thoughts on “local is lekker – GIVEAWAY

  1. Aaah love them! I know not too many do but guess I don’t like to swim with the stream! Fave song has to be “push me to the floor”
    As for local bands on the TGM website I’d definitely say fokof, van coke and die heuwels :)

  2. 3 favorite SA bands: Parlotones, Shadowclub, Civil Twilights
    Favorite Parlotones song is. Beautiful
    Thanks so much for the heads up doll! This is a lovely prize! Would love to win – esp since my birthday is coming up on 16/6 :D

  3. I’ll go with Parlotones, Civil Twilight and dare I say it Die Antwoord
    Fave song of Parlotones has to be: impossible.

  4. oooh just in time for my daughters birthday!
    There are some really great products on the TGM website! Think I’m going to have to buy her some stuff from them anyway :)

    favourite bands would be Goldfish (because she took me to see them), Jax and then Zebra & Giraffe.

    And I like “colourful” by the P’s. I don’t have twitter but I’ll put it on Facebook :)

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