a trip to the movies

Took fish to see Madagascar 3 this afternoon and his Aunty Mandi (the sperm donors sister and the only one in that family who actually cares about fishness) came with as she is leaving for a month on some church mission (not sure to where though). She got him a really cute hoodie and he insisted on wearing it over the one he already had on.

He was really good for the first 45min or so and then he started getting fidgety, thankfully it was just us and one other family – whose son fish made friends with as he also seemed a little over it.

I’ll admit that this one isn’t really aimed at the kids, not in the usual “crude humor” sense though but just very adult. The whole story line, I even cried a little at one stage. Fishness is a Madagascar fan and adores Marty, he’ll watch it over and over again but despite the circus theme and bright colors he just didn’t find it as good I guess. Definitely a must see though, especially if you watched the other 2.

Two things though that I do have a little issue with is that the Numetro in the V&A waterfront seems to heat up the cinema, we’re all used to them being air conditioned so we dress warm but in this case I felt like I couldn’t undress enough. And the sound, it was just a bit too loud, fishness even asked me “mommy turn it little bit please” at one stage.

And on the way home Ian and Fishness clearly thought the day was a little too much for them…

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