Celebrate life

Last night we witnessed a tradgedy on twitter, one of our tweeple passed away from heart complications. She was young, vibrant and always up for a good chat and i wish i could say i had the privelage of meeting her while she was still with us but i never did and i can only imagine how her family and friends must be feeling during this time of loss.

But we shouldn’t concentrate on the end, we shouldn’t dwell on the sadness, rather focus on the life lived. Here is to all those that have left us before their time, to those who have lost a friend or a family member, and let this be a turning point, an epiphany, a wake up call. Life is short, hug the ones who are close, tell those who are special to you that you love them and never pass up an oppertunity because you never know if you’ll have the time to do it later.

your greatest legacy will be the memories other people have of you…”
Live your life so fully that you end it sliding into the ground screaming “hells yeah that was great”… Or in Tegz way – trending on twitter!



One thought on “Celebrate life

  1. May everyone experiencing such a tragedy have the sun shine a little warmer on you and the birds chirp a little louder…

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