come in with the rain

The low pressure system has come up high and we are really feeling it here in the mother city.

Today Cape Town is really proving to us how well she fits the nickname “Cape of Storms” – it’s miserable, wet and the wind is so chilling it slices through you like a hot knife through butter. Though I think that at this point we’d all prefer the hot knife!

I just want to take a few seconds to thank organizations like #TBDZA who collect blankets for the under privileged so that they don’t suffer in this icy weather. Even though we all know that I don’t have much love for them as it’s them who keeps breaking in and stealing my hard earned valuables I do have a little sympathy on days like today. Just a little.

But then again, days like this make for interesting sailing…

chilling in victoria bay waiting to go out

Avril the crazy skipper

byron putting up the main sail

the mountain is so cold even she has a blanket on

All covered and dressed in my foul weather gear


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