Standing on the rooftops, everybody scream your heart out!

I had this looooooong vent post drafted in my head about how my employers must think my debit orders go off on the 35th and think nothing of paying me today only -my debit orders all went off month end, and subsequently bounced.

Makes me despise the sperm donor that much more, he’s living the high life and i’m left with all the responsibilities.

But anyway… Being angry solves nothing at all. And despite the fact that i’ve dropped a jean size in under a week – i didn’t think it was possible – from the stress i can still look around at how far i’ve come and be proud of myself.


I hope everyone of you has had a better start to July. Here’s to it being a brilliant and positive month. Only 5 weeks left till fish’s birthday… EXCITED :)

I can’t (read as don’t know how) to add a youtube vid via this wordpress for android app but today’s song is definitely ROOFTOPS by lost prophets

When  our time is up, when our lives are done, will we say we’ve had our fun. Will we make our mark this time, will we always say we tried.


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