Sorry mom

Mum always makes a light joke about how she spends hours cooking and it’s all gone in a few minutes or – as per my teen years – how she makes the effort and then we’re late or out…

Yeah… SORRY MOM!!!
Today i got home around 2 and decided that i’m in a “domesticated” sort of mood and that i’d surprise #theclan with an awesome meal…


Chicken and pear salad, garlic and ginger sweet potatoes, carrot/potato/onion mash, mozarella and black olive stuffed bread and avo. I made custard as well but unfortunately with trying to cook and bath fish and feed the animals and and and… It burnt :(

Despite them being late for dinner i can’t stay mad long. Not on a gorgeous night like this! Or when they show up with their little boyish grin and a flower saying sorry.



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