Cupcakes and sailors

The things i do for the men that make up what i begrudgingly lovingly refer to as #theclan…

This evening for example:

19:30 shamus finally saunters in after a long day of qualifying for his diesel instructors certificate, he’s passed and is in a brilliant mood. He’s missed dinner as Ian and i where hungry but i stand and prep a steak burger and chips for him.


shamus and fish

20:30 bedtime with fish and even though he’s a big boy now and goes to sleep on his own i endure (for what is sure to be the 50th time this week) his new favorite movie – treasure planet – and give in to cuddles.

21:00 ian has hurt his shoulder while out sailing so i crawl in behind him and give him one hell of a massage. You know you’re comfortable with someone when you don’t mind them seeing you wearing just a shirt hahaha oish!


ian - aka the guy who sleeps in my lounge

FINALLY in bed, some ME time and a book.

11:30PM my phone rings, it’s Avril. He’s at the pub and missed the bus so going to be home late cause he’s walking – just wanted to let me know in case i worry (cause i’m the mother hen hahaha). So what happens? I put on some pj pants and a jacket, hop in princess indi and head on down to Syd’s. He really is a loveable drunk and i can’t stay mad.


One day i will write a book about all the happenings of this house, it’s better than any “soapie” ever aired. Big brother has NOTHING on us i promise.
Especially when there’s booze and cupcakes involved ;)

All in all living in a house with 3 sailors, a boy toddler, a male cat who thinks he owns the house, a hibernating male hedgehog and a neutered border collie who thinks she’s a cat definitely keeps me on my toes to say the least.

And then of course there’s the case of the missing cupcakes…


tonight's desert...


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