Mother hen

I really have become a mother hen to #theclan despite the varying ages and connections.
It’s 22:58 and everyone is home, all my little chicklets are snug in their beds.

Except for Shamus.

Now he doesn’t drive and the last bus has come and gone.
He is also not answering his phone.

Not counting fishness these “boys” are all old and ugly enough to look after themselves so why am i so worried?
So caught up on making sure they are all okay?

Fishness gets spoiled rotten on a daily basis but he is my one and only so that’s understandable, but Ian hurt himself earlier this week which means he gets a massage and then strapped properly so breathing is easier and healing is quicker; Avril falls asleep watching movies so i make sure he’s covered and the light is turned off.

There are always cupcakes in the house as i know “my boys” love them…
Is it part of the whole “motherhood” thing? Is it my weird need to control things or fix things because i can’t fix myself?
Whatever it us… My chicklet is still out there and not home, i’m sure there is a perfectly good reason but i’ll ask the stars to watch out for him regardless and ensure he’s safe.



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