strangers at the assembly

Picture Ian, the “innocent” little blonde surfer boy from the islands, at assembly last night – he walks off to go and get us beer and comes back with a rather flabbergasted look on his face. Tasha and I of course want to know what’s up. Apparently he had a conversation with a guy wearing a headband that went something like this:

Headband guy: hey, do you sell?
Ian: yeah I sail
Headband guy: what do you sell?
Ian: well, anything people give me really
Headband guy: awesome, do you have any mdma?
Ian: WHAT? No I don’t sell drugs! Why would you think that?!
Headband guy: you’re wearing a leather jacket, I just figured…

Queue the uncontrollable laughter from tasha and myself!

PS – we were at assembly to watch Chiano Sky… great voice, crappy live.
Just saying


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