Hi ho hi ho it’s off to see my shrink I go.

Now let me tell you something… I’ll let you in on a little secret…
This being sane and being societies normal is a ridiculously expensive monthly necissity. Not kidding you – R2000 a month, and that’s with buying the generic form of all my meds!

We were chatting about weightloss in our dinnerclub group last night and came to the conclusion that losing weight and staying skinny is a bloody expensive luxury. There’s the gym fees, the healthy food (I mean a pack of pasta feeds a fills more people for less than a salad) the new clothes when the others don’t fit anymore etc etc…

So I have come to the conclusion that you can have me one of two ways – a skinny bipolar and irritable bitch, or a much more stable and happy fattie ;)
I can’t afford to be both, hell, I can barely afford to be the one as it is!


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