dirty shoots and puddle jumping

You know those friends that you make in high school and stay friends with even after you graduate (yes it happens every so often), well L and I have been friends since 10th grade and we still make constant missions to see each other. Her sister N “sneakily” booked a shoot for the two of them so that they had photos of them together for their parents as well as a few to use as profile photos…

So this morning we headed out to a field not so far from home to do what was supposed to be just a pretty shoot, and that’s how it started but right near the end fish actually inspired things to become a little more interesting… fishness also just so happened to take the feature image for this post! He loves to take photos with my “muk en druk” when we go to shoots – might be spending too much time with mummy ;)

Some photos from today:

and of course how THIS

turned into THIS


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