I like you lots

Every parent and child have a “thing”, something that’s theirs and between them (well at least I hope they do else fish and I are seriously odd).

Our “thing” isn’t anything big or eloborate, but here’s how it came about:

Now and then I keep fish at home, the joys of working for yourself, though usually I still have to do some work but he’s just happy to be allowed to stay and “work” with mummy and  being so independant he’s always doing something to keep himself busy during that period.

So one of those stay at home days I was busy getting a design done (yes one of my many talents is designing logos etc haha) and he comes barreling in and climbs onto my lap, wraps his arms around my neck to break my bones (what he calls a hug) and says to me “I like you lots” then he got off and ran back to whatever he was doing.

Since that day “I like you lots” has become our little thing and we’ll randomly shout for each others attention just to say I like you lots…



3 thoughts on “I like you lots

  1. Ninchuck and I play the love you more game..it started when she was a baby and the whole family got involved..now when her father calls her from Portugal, I hear them playing the ‘I love you more’ game with her brothers there….its something special between us but as she doesnt have much contact with her dad and brothers, other than the occassional call..I dont mind that they do something that she so associates with people who love her.

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