she blogged it

It’s dark and there’s a slight chill in the air, though the fire crackling in the hearth provides a warm ethereal glow to the atmosphere. They sit watching the flames dance daintily on wood, taunting it, teasing it as it slowly turns each log to ash. The kiss is soft, gentle with the slight hint of a question.

The answer is yes. It’s always yes. But it’s never been like this, there’s something else about it this time, it’s laced with something more, something wistful. Though despair looms in the corner, sitting patiently in wait for that brief moment of quiet uncertainty, and then it seeps in encompassing them like the ocean waves crashing on the sea shore, wiping away anything that might have been written in the sand.

He looks down at her, his eyes hold fear and longing as he takes her cheek into his hand and with a whisper that’s barely audible declares “I can’t see you get hurt”. And in that instant the waves become razor blades as reality sets in.

There is a fine line one treads when you walk the “friends with benefits” road; it’s a narrow path with a plummeting drop to pain on both sides, one wrong step and the fall down leaves your heart in your throat with no one waiting to catch you.

Last night has left me with a train of thought barreling its way down a one way track, brakes failing and a brick wall looming ahead.


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