Pencils, erasers and the smudged lines

I picked up a pencil today, and not to write or scribble notes either… To actually draw!
I’m creative, no use in being modest, I know I am. Lately graphic design has been my creative outlet, sometimes even my camera is. It used to be drawing though, I used to constantly have pencils wedged into my hair (my hair used to reach my behind and is thick so pencils work better than scrunchies) and something to draw on near by.

Lately… Well not so much, the last picture I drew was this lily… And as you can see I didn’t even get around to finishing it. That was in 2009 I think..


Today I had to do a mock up of the mural design for the sailing academy’s wall as the owners are meeting with the waterfront peoples tomorrow to get permission. Being on Waterfront property and apparently the house being a heritage site everything needs to be preapproved. Pretty stupid if you ask me as “we” own the house and don’t rent it from them… But that’s another vent post all on its own.

Doing the quick sketch sparked something and when I got home I grabbed a sheet of paper, dug out my pencils and attempted to knock up a drawing that Ian described to me yesterday… Considering I haven’t drawn in years I’m pretty impressed with myself. Though you’ll see the left hand side makes no sense yet… That’s cause I seem to be struggling with the damned siren that’s supposed to be clutching onto poseidon all skankily.



6 thoughts on “Pencils, erasers and the smudged lines

  1. the mural idea is beautiful! I love unfinished drawings, reminds me of the story “The boy with the magic paintbrush”. Don’t know why that story stuck in my head as a child, even made sure my tattoo wasn’t 100% finished because of it

    • I’ll have to look up that story some time. I’m a real perfectionist when it comes to drawing so if I’m not happy with it I’ll either scrunch it or simply discard it and move on. Hoping the mural is approved, really keen on painting that wall

  2. I love the fact that you can say you are creative. It is something I reallty battle with, but am working on. I know I can draw – but now out my head. I need a reference. I then think that I am not creative because I just copied it.

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